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LESLIES POOL SUPPLIES Complaint - Avoid this Deceptive Seller! - Any



Avoid this Deceptive Seller! - Any

Aside from the deceptive promotional mailings from this pool supply company, is the apparent shotty tech personnel sent to your home to do repairs. Just call a professional plumber! I have been a pool owner for 12 years...do not buy their products for your pool unless you want to spend countless amounts of money on chemicals you do not need. I made the mistake the first year of buying granulated chlorine from Leslies. Needless to say I fought all summer to keep the pool water clear. Following that year I bought it elsewhere and what a hell of a difference. I must have saved myself over $100 yearly since in chemical maintenance costs. As far as repairs go such as replacing motors or parts for the filter...do it yourself or call a professional! These people are definitely not professional grade material. A trained monkey could do the same type of service as well as Leslies can. I am currently collecting the fraudulent advertisements they mail for a case against them by the State Attorney General. Buy elsewhere or BEWARE!

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Leetz says: (6 years ago)
Guys - I have owned a pool for only 3 years (in-ground 16X32 mountain lake) and a friend of mine turned me on to Leslie's a few years back. The Chlor-Brite product does keep my pool water sparkling clean and the chems (test strips) look great! I had an algea problem this year and went to Leslie's with a water sample to help clear it out. The staff was nice - but they sold me a bunch of stuff and the algea did not go away. I ended up going back to my pool builder to get the proper chemicals and their testing equipment seemed to be more updated (machines instead of Leslie's manual testing). Bottom line - I LOVE the Chlor-Brite product and will continue to use it....but would not use them to purchase or troubleshoot algea problems. Thanks - Dan

chemgeek says: (9 years ago)
The part that is deceptive is not disclosing the following chemical fact that are independent of concentration of product and of pool size:

For every 10 ppm Free Chlorine (FC) added by Trichlor, it also increases Cyanuric Acid (CYA) by 6 ppm.

For every 10 ppm FC added by Dichlor, it also increases CYA by 9 ppm.

For every 10 ppm FC added by Cal-Hypo, it also increases Calcium Hardness (CH) by 7 ppm.

For every 10 ppm FC added by ANY source of chlorine, it will increase salt (chloride) by 8 ppm when the chlorine gets used up. For chlorinating liquid, bleach, and lithium hypochlorite, an additional 8 ppm salt is added upon addition.

A little simple math shows the buildup of chemicals that can occur if there is no water dilution. Even with a very low 1 ppm FC per day chlorine usage, using only Trichlor would increase the CYA by over 100 ppm in 6 months, using only Dichlor would increase the CYA by over 160 ppm, using only Cal-Hypo would increase the CH by over 125 ppm. All source of chlorine will increase the salt level in 6 months by at least 140 ppm while chlorinating liquid, bleach and lithium hypochlorite would add another 140 ppm upon addition.

In proportional terms, the CYA rise is fastest since 100 ppm would already be a high level while for CH 300 ppm is a typical normal level and for salt 1000 ppm is not uncommon while saltwater chlorine generator (SWG) pools typically have 3000 ppm salt.

You can learn much more about pool water chemistry and how to maintain your pool by reading the Pool School at Trouble Free Pool (troublefreepool.com).

Poolboy85 says: (10 years ago)
I must admit the mental picture of you diving into your pool and comming up smacking your lips and then exclaiming, "Hmmm... Needs some cyaunuric acid..." were very entertaining. However I highly doubt your body getting into the pool is as accurate as a Taylor Test Kit! Here's your problem... First of all 99% of pool owners do not know everything their pool should use. Do you even know what kind of chlorine you're using? Calcium Hypochlorite, sodium hypochlorite, sodium dichloride, lithium hypochlorite, trichlor, or are you shocking with an oxidizer? Do take into account that each individual type of chlorine affects your ph and alk. in your pool in different ways. Do you have any clue on the effects of alkalinity on ph levels, or the effect of ph on chlorine efficiency? As much as I'm positive you'll claim to know all of that information I'm just as positive you don't know. Sounds like out of dumb luck you started using the appropriate blend of chemicals. Congrats on owning a pool longer than I've been in the industry, you are still a completely untrained pool owner just like everyone else! I don't know much about framing, drywall, or construction but I know what it is and enough that I could hold a conversation about it. So don't try and insinuate that because you've owned a pool longer than I've been in the industry you know more. Let me know when you've become a Certified Pool Operator. Let me know when you've completed the hours of skilled labor and repairs I've done. Let me know when you've even figured our your ass from your face when it comes to water chemistry!

slammer says: (10 years ago)
u must be a person that do not know the first thing about pool chemistry, if youhave the toys be smart enough to take care of them

Poolboy85 says: (10 years ago)
You are an idiot! MSDS sheets are readily available for all the chemicals Leslie's has in stock... Believe me I've checked them all. I Manage one of their stores. It's guys like you who don't pay attention to what you're being told to do and want to blame it on everyone else for your own laziness in caring for your pool. Power Powder Plus is Cacium Hypochlorite 70% available chlorine... That is the top standard for the chemical make up. Chlor-brite is 55% available chlorine and 99% sodium Dichloride... Once again highest possible standard. Compare the Leslie's tabs to Sun tabs... "the best on the market" Once again equivalent... Why don't you go get your water tested and add the chemicals in the order and do the work recommended for your pool... You'll see a big difference ass hole!

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